Adjustable Fork Pre-Load Caps


Add front fork pre-load adjustability to your non-adjustable front end by simply replacing the stock parts with this kit. Included are two (2) 41mm adjustable caps with integral flat washer, two (2) Viton O-Rings and two (2) aluminum spacers.

The adjustable caps feature very robust construction with an extra large adjustment bolt that is both slotted for adjustment with a common screw driver as well as having flats milled into the bolt head for adjustment with an open end wrench. The adjustment bolt also includes graduation marks for precise & repeatable settings.

These caps will work with all models of 790 & 865 Hinckley twins and all brands of fork springs. Shortening of either the stock steel spacer or the included aluminum spacers may be required depending on your specific application.


Fits: All models of 790 & 865 Hinckley Twins. Requires up to 45mm vertical clearance above top clamp to clear handlebars.

Not intended for any other brand or model of motorcycle.

US Shipments Only

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