AI Solenoid Bypass Plug for Triumph Bonneville


For you owners of 2008+ EFI equipped bikes, we are pleased offer you the same Air Injection Elimination Kit plus a plug-n-play AI system solenoid bypass plug. When eliminating the AI on an EFI equipped bike, this plug inserted into the bike’s original wiring harness fools the computer into thinking the AI system is still installed. No Check Engine light… no cutting… no soldering. Simply unplug the solenoid and plug in the bypass. A nylon clip is provided to anchor the bypass plug to the frame where the solenoid once resided.


NOTE: Removal of pollution-control devices from motor vehicles are restricted in some areas. Please check your local laws first.

Customer-made installation YouTube video: Installation How-To Video

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Air Injection Elimination Kit, AIEK w/ EFI AI Solenoid Bypass Plug, AIEK w/ EFI BP & SP


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