Air Injection Solenoid Bypass Plug for Triumph


Use this simple plug-n-play device when removing the Secondary Air Injection System on a 2009-2016 Triumph 865cc twin.  Keeps Check Engine light from illuminating due to removal of SAIS.

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Air Injection Solenoid Bypass Plug for Triumph

Use when removing SAIS.  This simple to install device plugs directly into your 2009-2016 Triumph 865cc air-cooled twin’s wiring harness to trick the ECU that the solenoid is still installed & connected.

Removing the Secondary Air Injection System (SAIS) is a very popular modification.  The system recycles spent exhaust gases through the intake to reduce unburnt hydrocarbons.   The results from the super-heated exhaust is discolored (blued) exhaust pipes.  Eliminating the SAIS not only reduces exhaust pipe bluing, but also cleans-up the look of the engine by eliminating the chrome pipes next to the spark plugs,

Due to the elimination of pollution-control equipment, this modification is strictly intended for Closed Course Competition Use only and is not intended for use on public roads.  Buyer assumes all responsibility for use.