Andreani Fork Cartridge Kit for Triumph Water-Cooled Twins


Short of replacing your entire front forks with high-dollar USD units, a fork cartridge conversion is the best performing upgrade one can do to the modern Triumph twins.

Italy’s Andreani Group has developed a fully adjustable cartridge kit featuring separate rebound & compression damping as well as spring pre-load adjustments.  Springs are matched to rider’s weight & riding style.  Re-buildable and re-valveable.  Very minor machining of upper fork tubes to remove bottom bushing required for installation.

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[Courtesy of Andreani]

Andreani Hydraulic Fork Cartridge Kit

Cartridge kit for OEM fork with hydraulic adjustments, developed by Andreani Group and equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system which guarantees exceptional performance in cornering and braking.

20mm diameter pistons with expanded oil passages.

Adjustable in compression and rebound. Spring preload.

The cartridge kit comes complete with springs that can be [matched] for rider weight/riding style.