Do-It-Yourself Airbox Elimination Kit


Consider yourself handy with tools and wrenching on bikes? Don’t we all! Here’s an opportunity to showcase your skills and use power tools to cut-up perfectly good stock parts. Grunt! We’re having fun now.

This kit has all the key parts from the full Air Box Elimination Kit (without the aluminum battery tray of course) for those who wish to cut-up their stock plastic air box to fit pod filters. You get the two (2) cone-oval air filters with SS clamps, full jet kit with instructions (carb models only) or EFI reprogramming cable (EFI models only), SS carburetor screw kit (carb models only), carburetor/throttle body support brace and SS manifold clamps.

Just cut away the stock air box front to make room for the air filters and install the rest of the parts. You have accomplished the same performance upgrade as the more costly kit.


Note: Breather Filter shown not included or required. Cone-Oval shaped filers now included in kit.

US Shipments Only