Breathe Airbox Intake Cover from TTP


England’s TTP Breathe Airbox Intake Cover replaces the restrictive rubber snorkel pressed into the stock Triumph 790 & 865cc twin’s airbox to improve air flow for increased power.

Acting as a velocity stack (or “bellmouth” as they say in ‘Ol Blighty), this simple screw-on part takes seconds to install and will give your bike a boost in performance.  It acts by compressing the air flow into the engine providing a colder & denser air stream.  That, combined with added fuel, creates a bigger bang in the engine equating to more horsepower.  Made of Thermal Plastic.

Fits 2001 – 2015 790cc & 865cc Twins (Bonneville, T100, Thruxton, Scrambler, America, Speedmaster) with carburetors or EFI.  Does not fit 2016 water cooled models.


[Courtesy of Triumph Twin Power UK]

The factory airbox cover/snorkel’s primary task is to mute your bike’s induction roar and help the Triumph twins pass the manufacturers noise emission tests. But once out of the showroom, they only really serve to strangle the induction system and deprive your bike of some really useful power and torque. The TTP “Breathe” high flow airbox intake cover is the first step in releasing the stifled factory power and torque numbers.

  • Highest flow rate and lowest restriction of any airbox intake cover.
  • The high flow rate requires an increase in jet size or EFI tune upgrade to account for increased airflow = more power & torque.
  • Easy installation – direct replacement of the factory cover.
  • Comes with side cover splash strip.

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