Carburetor Rebuild Service – Triumph Keihin CVK


We are proud to offer rebuild & tuning services for the 2001-2008 Triumph/Keihin CVK carburetors.  Simply ship us your (dry) carburetors and well will carefully dismantle them and evaluate all the parts for cleaning or replacement.  Upon the results of the inspection, we will contact you with a quotation on new parts required (typically under $100).  You will receive back the same exact carburetors you sent us, with the required new service parts installed and tuned as-needed.  This includes new jets to match your specific exhaust system.

Our base labor charge is $100.   No ON-LINE orders for this service.  Please call us first to schedule service: (248) 569-2850

Frequently Bought Together

carb rebuild service+
Price for both:   $159.99


We offer complete carburetor rebuild service.  Send us your carburetors and we will replace the worn-out parts as necessary and adjust all tune-able parts.

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