Aluminum Oversize Fuel Tank for Triumph Bobber 1200


Add extra range to your long haul Triumph Bobber with this custom aluminum fuel tank from Germany’s Wunderkind Customs.  Original profile of the tank is retained, just scaled-up to a 4.4 gallon capacity.  Mounts exactly like the stock tank utilizing the stock fuel pump.  Supplied in a raw aluminum finish.  Can be polished, painted or use as supplied.

New Product – Limited Availability.  We suggest contacting us first to get a shipping ETA.


Now, longer tours are really fun.

No more restrictions due to the short range of the original tank.

Capacity approx. 4.4 US gallons.

The range is more than 300 km depending on the driving style.

High-quality production from approx. 2 mm thick aluminum sheet metal.

TIG impulse butt-welded without circumferential flange edge.

Tested pressure density at 1.3 bar, (approx. 1 bar higher than prescribed by DIN).

Unprocessed surface for free choice of painting.

All standard components, such as fuel pump, fuel filler cap are taken over 1:1 from the original tank.

Original handlebars must be twisted so that they are about 1-2 cm higher.

Each tank with its own serial number.