Hagon 2810 Adjustable Shocks for Triumph Twins


These British-made twin shocks are quite possibly the most popular rear suspension upgrade for the modern Triumph twins.  They feature adjustable damping to fine-tune your ride and are now offered in both standard black and optional polished stainless steel.




Hagon 2810 Adjustable Shocks

Hagon’s latest offering for all models of Hinckley twins are these damping-adjustable shocks. These feature your choice of black or polished SS body, and choice of chrome or black springs in either narrow Slimline or Standard diameter. Quadrate progressive action springs are adjustable by conventional stepped cam ring. NEW 20 position damping control with automatic compression & rebound balance. Hard chrome piston rod. Supplied in complete pairs with spring adjuster spanner. For use with all models of Hinckley twin, and can be custom matched to each rider’s needs.

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy these shocks and get the matching Hagon front fork springs for just $100 more (a $134 value).


  • 2002 Bonneville America/Speedmaster stock length: 320mm. Minimum length = 290mm
  • 2001-2008 Standard Bonneville (spoke wheels) stock length: 340mm. Minimum length = 310mm
  • 2002-2015* T100 Bonneville stock length: 340mm. Minimum length = 310mm
  • 2009-2015* Standard/SE Bonneville (mag wheels) stock length: 330mm. Minimum length = 320mm
  • 2004-2015* Thruxton & Scrambler stock length: 360mm. Minimum length = 310mm
  • 2016+ Bonneville T100 stock length: 350mm (min. length not tested)
  • 2016+ Street Twin 900 stock length: 340mm (min. length not tested)
  • 2016+ Street Cup 900 stock length: 360mm (min. length not tested)
  • 2016+ Street Scrambler 900 stock length: 360mm (min. length not tested)
  • 2016+ Bonneville T120 stock length: 350mm (min. length not tested)
  • 2016+ Thruxton 1200 stock length: 385mm (min. length not tested)
  • Changing the shock length will affect vehicle handling
  • Lowering rear of motorcycle more than 30mm in most cases is not recommended
  • 10mm = 0.4″ 20mm = 0.8″ 30mm = 1.2″
  • Minimum length available = 290mm
  • Maximum length available = 370mm
  • Shock bodies are offered in two finishes: Black or Polished Stainless Steel
  • Springs are offered in two colors: Black or Chrome and in two different outside diameter: Slimline & Standard

Imported direct from England. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery. If you are considering changing the shock length from stock, SEL-MOTION strongly recommends that you phone-in your order to discuss your options. (248) 569-2850

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