Hagon Classic Road Shocks for Triumph Bonneville


Hagon is a legendary British manufacturer of premier motorcycle suspensions.  Their Classic Road shocks are built-up specifically for each customer’s needs and can be had in a variety of finish options.

Classic Road shocks (A-G) feature a black painted shock bodies. Any style can be had with your choice of spring color and trim options.

Shocks can be built to raise or lower the ride height and the springs can be matched to virtually any weight (ride with or without passenger).  The optional spring covers recreate the classic look of the late 50’s to late 60’s Girling shocks.

Refer to photos for style options


Frequently Bought Together

Hagon Classic Road Shocks++Hagon fork springs
Price for all three:   $408.97


2001-2016 Air-Cooled Models ( * Not all lengths are available for this model)

Bonneville 790/865 = 340mm (length range: -30mm to +30mm)

Bonneville 790/865 T100 = 340mm (length range: -30mm to +30mm)

Bonneville Mag Wheel 865 = 330mm (length range: -20mm to +30mm)

Thruxton 865 = 360mm (length range: -30mm to +10mm)

Scrambler 865 = 360mm (length range: -30mm to +10mm)

2016 – Current Water-Cooled Models
( * Not all lengths are available for this model)

Bonneville T100 900 = 340mm (length range: -30mm to +30mm)

Bonneville T120 1200 = 350mm (length range: -30mm to +20mm)

Street Twin 900 = 340mm (length range: -30mm to +30mm)

Street Cup 900 = 360mm (length range: -30mm to +10mm)

Speed Twin 1200 = 360mm (length range: -30mm to +10mm)

Street Scrambler 900 = 360mm (length range: -30mm to +10mm)

Thruxton 1200 = 385mm (length range: -30mm to -15mm)

Thruxton R 1200 = 385mm (length range: -30mm to -15mm)

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