Kineo Wire Spoke Wheels for Triumph Thruxton 1200


Classic Beauty with Modern Dynamic Performance and Safety Combined
Supplied complete and ready to install, the unique and proven Kineo system enables the “Classic Spoked Look” to be truly available for your bike… but with all the dynamic handling and safety benefits provided by the most modern tubeless tires. They are also fully compatible with tubed-type off road tires too.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery, wheels are hand built. Call for custom color quote.



{Courtesy of Kineo]

Produced from 7000 grade Aluminium using a new and unique process, the one-piece – and completely airtight – Kineo rim is precisely CNC machined, carefully coated in its durable finish and then finally has its Aluminium valve inserted.

5 Rim Colours available (all Powder Coated – except Silver, see below)

  • Black Glossy, Black Matt, White Matt, Anthracite Matt (Dark Grey)
  • Silver Glossy/Shine (polished Aluminium with clear protective coating)
  • Special rim colors are also available with a supplementary charge – please contact BellaCorse with your request for a quote.

To provide optimal distribution of the material’s grain – for the maximum strength essential at the heart of the wheel – the 7000 Aluminium alloy Kineo hub blank is initially forged to a shape similar to the final finished item. After precision CNC machining it is then coated with its attractive, corrosion resistant anodixed finish. Bearings are protected by supplementary external oil seals and external spacers are CNC machined and coated with hard anodixed finish.

5 Standard Hub colors available (all anodised)

  • Black Glossy, Black Matt, Silver Matt, Shine silver (as per rim),
  • 6 Special hub colors available for a supplementary charge
    Titanium (darker “Bluey” Grey), Gold, Orange, Red, Blue and Green

The double swaged 5/4mm spokes are produced by turning from a drawn high-resistance bar and galvanized for corrosion resistance. The 28 front and 32 rear spokes are perfectly rectilinear and tensioned at the hub with a normal Hexagonal Allen key/wrench. If ever required, individual spokes are easily accessible for replacement without disassembling the wheel or even removing the tire.

Spoke Colours available

  • Silver is standard color
  • Black
  • Alternating Silver & Black

The Light Alloy Spoke end design is one of the most significant innovations within the Kineo wheel. The ends are inserted externally on the rim in a transverse orientation (i.e., parallel to the wheel axis) and require no holes through the rim at all for absolutely guaranteed tire sealing integrity.

8 Spoke end colors available (all anodized)

  • Black, Titanium (darker “Bluey” Grey), Silver, Gold, Orange, Red, Blue and Green

Kineo Wheel Colours

The Kineo hub and bespoke brake disc carrier system (one or two for the front wheel and a single carrier for the rear) enables straightforward installation the original stock/OE (or OE compatible aftermarket) brake discs with no modifications required and ABS sensors are also installed as originally designed. Brake disc carrier components are supplied in a Black anodized finish.

For some applications, special specific bolts, nuts and washers are supplied for standard/OE braking discs installation.

Kineo wheels are supplied with a specific 8-pin Cush Drive which is completely external to the rear wheel hub. This feature is entirely independent of the wheel and has its own a double-row bearing to support the radial load induced by the chain to supplement the wheel’s two integral bearings. Cush Drive and Sprocket Carrier components are supplied in a Black anodised finish.

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