Matris Fork Cartridge Kit – Thruxton R


Fully adjustable fork cartridge kit from Matris Dampers.  No modifications needed to install.  Convert back to stock at any time.


[Courtesy of Matris Dampers]

The Sealed Hydraulic Fork kit fully replace all the existing original fork internals, transforming it in a new damping system fully-adjustable on Spring Preload and on the asymmetric functions of Compression and Rebound.
It allows a high up-grade of the original fork, allowing to:
• Improve the performance, increasing the damping coefficient.
• Avoid the risk of fluid cavitation.
• Offer greater and easy customization of the suspension set-up.
• Decrease the weights, by using of light alloys for all the cartridge components.
Especially suitable for Sports and Racing use.
• Fork cartridge cylinder D.25 mm in Alu alloy Al 7075, with anti-friction lapping and oxidation surface treatment.
• Pumping rod D.12 mm in Alu alloy Al 7075, with anti-friction lapping and hard oxidation surface treatment.
• Set of Compression and Rebound valves, supported by oilless slide bearings, machined from Aluminium billet, with its own dedicated shims stack for a total hydraulic flows control.
No modification to the original fork is required for assembly the fork kit. The kit is supplied ready to fit.
The cartridge is delivered pre-assembled (sealed with the oil inside).
It is fully and easily overhauled for proper and regular maintenance.
• Expansion tank controlled by anti-cavitation mechanical system, integrated with the hydraulic cartridge unit.
• Blue ring: Rebound feature.
• Red ring: Copmpression feature.
Bottom spacers, available in different and specific sizes, to fit correctly on each front forks model.
It allows the rapid disassembly of the hydraulic cartridge unit without removing the fork.
All components of the cartridge are made of aluminum alloy and subjected to anodizing surface treatment, with the focus to ensure long-lasting wear.
Fork kit supplied with specific high sliding fluid (Motorex Fork Oil).
• Set of linear spring in Si-Cr Alloy Steel available in different rates, depending on the bike model and rider weight, for complete customization.
The springs can be changed quickly without having to remove the forks from the bike.