Norman Hyde Mid-Controls for the America & Speedmaster


Looking for a distinctive new look for your cruiser? Or maybe you find the stock foot peg location a bit too far to reach? Norman Hyde has the answer with these Mid-Controls for the America & Speedmaster. “Mid-Controls” is a bit of a stretch to describe this kit – no pun intended. Actually, “Set-back Controls” would be a more accurate description. You will still be riding in a legs-forward posture, but your feet will not have to reach-out as far and your knees will be bent more. The polished pedals are die-cast and look very classic and original looking. The rubber foot pegs are thick and do fold-up. The mounting plates are chrome plated and feature a cut-out letter “T” as in… well you get the idea.  Select kit for 2002-2010 models or kit for 2011 models.



Versions to fit all model years of America & Speedmaster. Will not fit any other model Bonneville.

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