Procom CDI – Programmable Ignition Module


This fully reprogrammable Performance Igniter is a direct Plug-and-Play type and is ready to be installed without connecting it to a computer. Simply select the correct model on the dial adjuster and plug the unit into the bike’s wiring harness.

We supply this unit with our simple to use powerful software. This software allows full control over ignition timing across the rev range and adjustment of RPM limit.

This unit comes with 9 built in maps for the ignition with the RPM limit raised by 500rpm. (Warning: When adjusting the RPM limit you need to realize that setting it too high can damage your engine!)

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DescriptionReplaces OEM #:

  • T1292950
  • T1292960
  • T1290041
  • T1292365
  • T1291100
  • T1292370
  • T1291150
  • T1292060
  • T1292375

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