Thruxton & Thruxton R 1200 Handlebar Conversion Kit


For the 2016 water cooled Thruxton & Thruxton-R 1200 models to convert from low clip-on handlebars to traditional upright tubular handlebars for added comfort.  All the parts needed for the conversion come in the kit including new chrome plated handlebars.



[Courtesy of LSL]

Kit will include an aluminum billet one piece top clamp that has a fully black anodized finish, black anodized ignition lock ring, black anodized risers (40mm), a chromed 1″ steel handlebar, 1 clutch cable, 2 adapters for the OE mirrors so that you can mount them onto the new handlebar, and accessory mounting hardware.

A better ergonomic ride is achieved with this 2.5″ wider handlebar that is positioned with a 3.5 rise and 3.5″ pullback over the stock position.  Ride longer and enjoy more with this new riding position!

Kits sold specifically for the Thruxton 1200 and the Thruxton R 1200.

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