Hyperpro Performance Fork Springs


These premium quality fork springs from Hyprepro are a rising-rate design that is a drop-in replacement for the Bonneville, Thruxton & Scrambler. With HYPERPRO’s constant rising rate springs, you have maximum efficiency when you brake. Here’s why: as you apply the brakes, the suspension loads the front tire. This results in the tire biting into the track causing more load. In a normal spring this can result in a “dive”. But with HYPERPRO’s rising rate spring, instead of too much dive you get increased resistance, giving the tire even more bite. This in turn puts more load on the tire further stiffening the spring and creating a chain reaction of braking and traction. The result is improved braking.

Whether in town, on the highway or at the track, a rising rate spring improves handling performance. Since the spring has a rising rate of resistance, it’s very sensitive to small inputs such as imperfections in a road. This means an incredibly smooth ride. However the spring also gives you the stiffness you need during hard braking and turning. The end result is a perfect harmony of comfort and control.



The Hyprepro performance fork springs are offered in two (2) specifications:

Application: 2001-2008 Stock Bonneville, T100 & Scrambler with 19″ front wheel

  • Length: 330 mm
  • Rate: 6.5  8.9 N/mm or Kg/cm
  • Max. spring travel  191 mm

Application: 2009 Bonneville with 17″ front wheel requires internal spacers to be modified. Please call for details.

Application: 2004 Stock Thruxton and modified forks*

  • Length: 310 mm
  • Rate: 6.7  13.4 N/mm or Kg/cm
  • Max. spring travel  155 mm

( * ) Thruxton fork springs can be used on the standard/T100 and Scrambler models if:

  1. a longer spacer is used, or
  2. the adjustable preload fork caps from a Thruxton are used, or
  3. if fork cartridge emulators are used. Includes suspension tuning manual.

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