JT Front & Rear Sprockets for Triumph Water-Cooled 1200cc Twins


We are pleased to offer four (4) different front & rear sprocket kits for the new 2016-current Triumph water-cooled 1200cc twins.  The higher the ratio, the faster the engine is spinning at any given speed.  That equates to faster ‘off-the-line’ acceleration.  The lower the ratio, the faster the rear wheel is spinning at any give engine RPM.  That equates to ‘longer-legs’ to cruising speeds by lowering the engine RPM.


Frequently Bought Together

JT Sprockets+gold x-ring chain for Triumph water-cooled 1200 motorcycles
Price for both:   $209.98


Front & rear sprocket kits for the 2016-current Triumph water-cooled 1200cc twins.

JT sprockets are made using only the best available materials.  SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, and we are the only sprocket manufacturer using the ultra-durable high carbon C49 steel for rear sprockets.

Every sprocket goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory and the production facility has achieved the highest European quality standards.

We are offering four (4) variations of front & rear sprockets to fine-tune your final drive ratio.

  • Front 16 tooth & rear 37 tooth (ratio = 2.31)
  • Front 17 tooth & rear 37 tooth (ratio = 2.18) Stock ratio on T120, Bobber, Speedmaster
  • Front 16 tooth & rear 42 tooth (ratio = 2.62) Stock ratio on Thruxton, Thruxton-R
  • Front 17 tooth & rear 42 tooth (ratio = 2.47)